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Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Typically students pick a career without ever shadowing someone from that field or even researching the future of that career. Many parents pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition. This is analogous to buying a house without even seeing it and discovering you paid $100,000 more than what the house was worth.

Throughout the year, we sponsor many trips to local colleges, companies, and recreational parks. Our young people also research public policies as part of their civic engagement (see sample letter below) and schedule meetings to meet with local law-makers. These trips are free for any young person who is a member of the Boxwood Learning Center.

By popular demand, we are bringing back the Soul Food Sundays. It’s a time when young people have conversations with role models that includes stock brokers, entrepreneurs, scientist, and other local leaders while enjoying a meal that’s good for the soul.

This Letter is from a 16 year old to a Assemblyman Holley (presented during a field trip):civic_engagement

Dear Assemblyman Holley:

I thank you for addressing a few of the legal issues that matter to young people. I am
especially impressed by three of the bills that you have sponsored (or co-sponsored).

Another issue that I care about is your bill to provide a tracking device for autistic kids –
so that autistic children can be found whenever they get lost. The two-year-old son of my
aunt’s friend is autistic – and he wanders around a lot. If his mother had that tracking
device, it would really help keep this baby safe.

However, I must say that maybe you should focus more of the bills that you sponsor on
meeting the needs of young people. But I am willing to listen and to better understand
your point of view about this criticism before I will speak up on this issue and before I put
my two cents in.

In closing, I want to say thank you for meeting with young people like myself and for
listening to my point of view. As I see it: If more politicians listened to young people, the
world would be a much better place. So, thank you again for the time that you’ve spent
getting to know me, and have a good summer. – N.F.