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Tutoring at the Boxwood Learning Center

 Our number one job is to support our students, young champions, so we go to great lengths to ensure that they are not just passing their classes but are learning new skills.

We tutor from grades K to 12.  We also provide test prep for several different exams, among them are the SAT, ACT, and TASC.



This is elementary math. Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, decimals, fractions, and word problems. This can be a challenging subject for many students because math builds on previous concepts learned. At Boxwood Learning Center, our tutors teach math in a way that is fun, easy, applicable, and understandable to our young students. K-5.

Algebra I

Algebra I is the foundation of the higher mathematics. Most students begin learning algebra I in middle school. Grades 6-9.


Geometry is a broad subject that covers the study of shapes. Geometry is taught as early as kindergarten and continues to be taught until Grade 10-11. Our tutors are equipped to teach geometry across all levels.

Algebra II

Algebra II is the second part of Algebra, usually taught in public schools after geometry. This includes more complex equations, logarithms, graphs, and trigonometry. It may also be called Pre-Calculus.


Calculus is a college level course usually offered in Grade 12 that many students struggle with. Our college educated tutors are well equipped not only to help students understand, but also apply Calculus in a way that helps them remember and be prepared for both the AP exam and higher level Calculus in college.



We have trained tutors skilled at teaching reading at every level, from kindergarten and first grade phonics to high school level critical reading. We also help with reading comprehension. Grades K-12.

Language Arts

Language arts are critical reading and writing skills including reading comprehension, and the more intricate uses of the English language in literature. Grades K-12.


Grammar skills are the basics of writing necessary to understand reading and to write well. Grades K-12.


Through the use of practice, prompts, and critiques, we help out students become excellent essayists, allowing them to succeed across subjects.



The study of life science, including plants, animals, biomes, and microorganisms. Our tutors can teach across all levels. Grades K-12.


The study of sub-atomic particles and their function in the world. Our tutors can teach across all levels. We can also provide AP exam prep. Grades 3-12.


The study of motion and the world around us. Usually taught in high school. Grades 9-12.

Earth Science

Earth science includes geology, meteorology, environmental science and the mixed subjects that are usually taught from Grades K-9.

Social Studies and History

Social Studies

Social Studies includes civics, government, economics, psychology, and sociology. We tutor across all levels. Grades K-12.


Includes world history, US history, and even special subjects like religion. We tutor across all levels. Grades K-12.


Test Preparation


In addition to our extremely successful SAT prep classes, we also provide individual tutoring for SAT Critical Reading, Math, and the optional Writing section.


We provide test preparation for all five sections of the ACT: English, Reading, Math, Science, and the optional Writing section.


We have graduated several students with individual TASC prep classes. We provide preparation for all subjects.


Our GED prep covers all sections of the exam.

We provide test prep for several other exams on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to:
  • AP Exams (varied subjects)
  • COOP
  • High School Proficiency Exams (Portfolios)
And more! Please inquire.