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The Boxwood Learning Center tutors all grade levels from pre-K to 12th grade.  We also tutor in college entrance exams, subject tutoring, and time management skills.


Language Arts Tutoring:

Young people have their own personal styles, in the way they dress, body language and words. Our goal is to help them identify who they are as writers.  improve

The Language Arts Tutoring is perfect for:
a) College students who are assigned a lot of reading and writing assignments and need help completing assignments.
b) Middle school and high school students struggling to master reading comprehension and writing.
c) High school students working on their college essays and scholarship applications.  Check out our scholarship list; and
3) All students who desire to improve their grades!

SAT Tutoring:

We work with students from grades 10 to grade 12 who are preparing for the SAT test.  We also tutor individuals preparing for college entrance and professional exams.  

Math Tutoring:

"Understanding" is the root to problem solving. In 5-10 sessions, our goal is to empower students to understand mathematical concepts, excel in math and science subjects and apply skills learned to standardize tests like the SATs.

We also have tutors who work with students with developmental challenges.  Please complete a contact us form for more information.

"The Boxwood Learning Center is phenomenal.  Every step that you have to take in your life, there good times and bad times.  I first started this learning center in 2012 in my senior year in high school.  Three years later I could happily say that Boxwood has helped me to where I am today. They never gave up on me and won't give up on anyone." -Derrick S.