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Saturday Clubs

Saturday clubs

We offer Saturday clubs for children to enhance their skills or explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM).  Every month we will host club activities under one of these areas: reading, science, math, and writing.  Clubs will meet bi-weekly. Call us today for more information.

Students will showcase their work at the last club of  the series; some clubs may last more  than 4 weeks.

Reading Clubs – students will read an age-appropriate book for the month and work towards writing their very OWN books.


  • Guiding members to read at or above grade level
  • Expanding the type of reading materials members are reading
  • Building members close reading skills

Science Clubs – This program brings mentors together with small groups of students to conduct fun and engaging scientific projects.   Our club leaders  work in the sciences as medical professionals or are college students majoring in the sciences.


  • Use hands-on science curricula (e.g. biomedical engineering, medicine, food science, environmental science, and neuroscience) to instill the love of sciences at an early age.
  • Create a community for children who are interested in the sciences.

Math Clubs – This program brings math to life.  Children often ask this about math: when and where am I going to use this stuff.  This club provides answers to this age-old question via hands-on models.  The members will also explore the various careers that rely on mathematics.


  • Increasing members understanding and the application of math in the real world
  • Increasing members math skills

Writing Clubs – We are going on an adventure using language mechanics and one’s imagination to create original written work.  We want members to write poetry, short-stories, blogs/articles, and more. This club is definitely for members who want their imagination to come alive through written works.


  • Supporting members who have the aptitude and desiring to publish their own book
  • Improving members language arts skills