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Middle School [Grade 6-8]

Middle School Educational Resources

Here at the Boxwood Learning Center, students receive direct support from tutors and are encouraged to continue learning from home. Below are a list of useful educational resources for students at the middle school or junior high level.




The Learning Network

The Learning Network-- this interactive website, sponsored by the NY Times, offers opinions, articles, summer reading, book reviews and recommendations for middle grade level students. The ELL page, which is not available during the summer, also offers practice language arts tests and essay prompts.


Grammarbytes is a website that teaches grammar at the upper elementary and intermediate level. Having your child practice grammar will help them write better, speak better, and advance them in all subjects. 

Reading Recommendations

 One of the things a lot of middle school students struggle with is reading. Websites like the CommonSenseMedia or Goodreads   (for older children) can help you find something your reluctant reader will enjoy. 


Coolmath offers interactive math games. 


Mathisfun  gives you step-by-step explanations of a variety of topics at the middle school and high school grade level. They also provide logic games, and worksheets. 


You can only get better at math through practice! Buzzmath gives you practice problems by topic, so if your student needs a extra practice on a topic at school, this website provides it.

Learning Media

PBS offers Learning Media, a website that provides countless sources, videos, articles, and in-depths explorations on a variety of topics in social studies and history, world or US. A good source for any research needs for your student, in a multitude of formats to serve all learning types!


Crash Course is a YouTube channel offering short explanatory videos on a variety of topics. The history, civics, and government videos are a quick and easy way to explain topics your student may be struggling with in their social studies classes. 

Sheppard Software

Geography is a difficult subject for many students to understand. SheppardSoftware, helps students understand the world they live in through interactive maps. 

CNN Student News

CNN Student News is a daily news show to help keep your student enlightened and aware of current events. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy teaches students through videos on a huge array of topics, from mathematics to English grammar.


Duolingo is a website that teaches foreign languages through short daily practice sessions. Languages include Spanish, French, English, and others.

Common Core

Common Core is a good place to go to understand what your student is studying. The website offers outlines for your student and grade by grade standards.