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Elementary School [Grade K-5]

Elementary school is the foundation of education. Here at Boxwood Learning Center, we offer services to help your child succeed in learning the basics of their education. However, every student needs extra practice, and these websites are great resources that encourage interest in the topic and provide opportunities for extra practice.


Elementary Web Resources


Starfall teaches a full online curriculum that helps pre-kindergarten to first grade students to read, step by step from phonics to full words. Also includes reading games and practice reading booklets.


Typing.com-- in a world where computers are becoming more and more critical to teaching, typing is an important skill. Typing.com teaches elementary students how to type the correct way-- quickly and efficiently.

Reading Rainbow

A subscription service, ReadingRainbow offers hundreds of interactive children's ebooks in the fashion of the classic television show.


Funbrain offers a game that helps children learnt identify parts of speech to become better writers.

Houghton Mifflin

Houghton Mifflin  offers grammar practices targeted at students K-5.


MathAids offers step-by-step explanations, interactive practice, and worksheets with answer keys

Ask Dr. Math

Ask Dr. Math is a simple website where students can search up math questions! The answers include step-by-step instructions and if the question you have isn't answered on the website, you can submit a form and have an answer provided to you by a volunteer math professor by email!


AAAMath provides lessons and unlimited practice for no cost on a variety of subjects, from K-8.


Brainbashers is a logic and puzzle website that will help your child develop logical thinking and understanding, and important and fundamental aspect of mathematics.

Mr. Nussbaum A Thousand Sites in One

Mr. Nussbaum A Thousand Sites in One has dozens of great links about history, geography, USA and its states, and much more. You can choose by topic or grade level.

Congress for Kids

Congress for kids is a website aimed at elementary level students. Through videos, quizzes, and a simple layout, kids can learn about all the parts of the United States government.

Ben's Guide to the US Government

Ben's Guide to the US Government is another website that teaches all kids need to know about the United States government.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is the children's version of the world newspaper. On top of staying ahead of current event, students can search up and learn about world history.

Bitesize Science

Bitesize Science is a British site designed for grades 3-6, includes materials for teaching living things, materials, and physical processes. Each concept area includes a myriad of subtopics and units. Each unit has an online learning activity a “bitesize” explanation of the concept, and an online quiz.

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids offers a variety of YouTube vidoes explaining science topics like elementary biology. There are also some history videos.