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Union County Educational Achievement Center

Young people across Union County, New Jersey come to the Union County Educational Achievement Center (UCEAC) instead of a traditional public school. Here, our tutors help students prepare for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC).

The TASC exam tests students' competencies in Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Writing. The student who passes all five sections at a state approved test site will receive a high school diploma from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Our instructors are professionals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and have experience working with youth programs and/or schools. Each student has a tutoring plan and receives one-on-one tutoring or in a small group of up to four students. We also assess how each student learns (visually, logically, linguistically, kinesthetically, etc.), in order to maximize their learning experience.

The educational materials used in the program are subject specific textbooks from McGraw-Hill, online tutorials, and hands on projects.

We provide updates to parents and referrals sources by way of written progress reports, and face-to-face meetings.

Eligibility: Youth ages 16-21.  We also provide tutoring to youth who are in public or traditional school.

To enroll contact Marie Thelusma-Chase, Program Coordinator, at mchase@boxwoodnj.org or 908-241-6862.