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"My son got a 92 on his math work packet (a summer school requirement for passing math for the year).  Thanks for the tutoring!"


"Boxwood Learning Center was a help to me in many ways. Michelle created my schedules; checked up with me, my guidance counselor, and my college admission officers; and assigned due dates for each application to ensure my packages were completed well before the deadlines.

With the help of the Boxwood Learning Center, the usually tough college application/enrollment process ended in success for me. The tools my coach gave me benefited me not just in preparing for college, but also as a person.”

Jerrell Coleman

17 yrs old

“Michelle’s (Jerrell’s Coach) patience and persistence with Jerrell was not only professional but [that of] a true mentor. As a parent with so many responsibilities, to have the support and guidance from her was a burden lifted. Thank you for the support.”

Valencia Coleman

Jerrell's Mother

"Boxwood helped me at the lowest time in my life.  They helped me get a job when I gave up on everything.  They made me not give up.  They helped me with everything that I could every ask for.  If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today."



“While we’re in this program we aren’t on the streets or causing trouble. They teach us about correct language and how to have manners. The program helps us with our spelling, grammar, and essays.”

Brittanie F.