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About Us

The Boxwood Learning Center was founded in 2011 in Roselle, New Jersey by individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of youth living in urban communities.

Our Mission & Purpose:

To equip youth with the academic and character development tools to make the world a better place.


Our Vision:

All young people are contributing members of society.


Boxwood Learning Center - About us

When we opened the Boxwood Learning Center, our dream was to run a center that would follow a young person throughout their adolescent years.  We provide not just tutoring but the building-blocks for the whole-person.  We provide workshops, mentoring, test preparation, and subject-matter tutoring.

Our short-term goal for every young person we serve:

1) Gaining the skills to excel in school;
2) Building students' self-confidence; and
3) Engaging the parent in the student turnaround.  

Our long-term goal for every young person we serve:

1) Completing a post-secondary program (beyond high school);
2) Working in their career or a related field; and
3) Contributing to their community.