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Supporting the Champions of this Generation...


Helping youth to prepare for their high school proficiency tests.


Tutoring for K-12

Saturday Clubs

Learning and discovery atmosphere for science, math, reading, and writing projects (ages 4-14)

Union County Career Exploration & Job Readiness Program

Youth ages 15-21 serve as paid interns in their area of career interest

Stages to becoming a young champion

Our tutors are well-equipped and able to teach from elementary to high school level subjects, like reading and language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Additionally, All lessons are adjusted to best fit the student. As a supplement, we work with the student and guardian in creating a plan for academic achievement beyond the elementary, middle, and high school years.

Stage 1: New Beginnings

We help our students identify academic areas of need and provide them with a tutor and other academic support. We also provide personal development and academic exploration clubs and activities. They may also be paired with a mentor to help build self-esteem and foster ambition.

Stage 2: Launching

This step consists of career exploration and STEM training. We help our youth achieve their next level of education, be that a secondary school, college, or vocational degree.

Stage 3: Soaring

Our youth are soaring at this stage. They are role models to their peers. We help them perfect their interviews, polish up excellent resumes, and excel academically.

Stage 4: Champion

Champions are rising young leaders, college graduates, entrepreneurs, and/or gainfully employed. By this stage, our youth are already giving back to their community via peer mentoring, and serving in leadership roles.


Our Philosophy

Our Mission & Purpose: To work with community stakeholders to establish learning environments where youth are developing economic and social opportunities for themselves, and others.

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-Teen Performance at Gateway Family Services (CEJR) at 1:30 p.m. (2/08/2019)

-Health Education for young adults (EAC)(2/16/2019)

-Meet the publisher - workshop for young authors (2/17/2019)

-College Tour (3/30/2019)